The foreclosure world can be very intimidating and confusing. Centennial Realty specializes in handling bank owned properties. We tend to be much more knowledgeable when it comes to negotiating with the bank and protecting the buyer's interest. We have the necessary experience to successfully complete all the steps and processes when helping REO real estate buyers acquire real estate properties.

Centennial Realty has been a leader in the listing and management of foreclosure properties in Wadena, Becker, Hubbard, and Otter Tail counties for over seven years. Hiring an REO listing agent for bank owned property is comparable to hiring a general dentist for cosmetic dentistry work. Centennial Realty has specific training in handling bank owned properties and closing these deals. We know how to acquire the necessary paperwork, negotiate with lenders, and get the buyer the best deal possible. There is a lot of hand holding to be done through this process and we handle it with professionalism, ease and patience. We can proudly say out of hundreds of bank owned properties we have successfully closed every single one we have had under contract.